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Gregory Jantz is a mental health expert that has pioneered the holistic model of care. While early in his career with patients who were suffering from eating disorders, Dr. Jantz discovered that there was a disconnect in the way afflicted people were treated. From there, he found himself looking for more holistic ways of treatment that would address the whole-person instead of simply getting rid of the symptoms. This led him to found The Center: A Place of Hope, a depression treatment center that was recently voted as a one of the top 10 facilities in the nation. Here, Dr. Jantz brings together a team of world class professionals that work to address all the components of recovery.


A pioneer of the holistic model of care, mental health expert Dr. Gregory Jantz concentrates on the whole-person. Dr. Jantz discovered early in his career that people who suffer from eating disorders also often suffered from other disorders such as depression or addiction. Subsequently, he found himself developing a much larger, multi-disciplinary treatment method that looked at the whole-person instead of just their presenting symptoms. Jantz went on to establish The Center: A Place of Hope, one of the premier depression treatment centers in the United States. At The Center: A Place of Hope, a collaborating team of healthcare professionals work together to address all considerations and factors involved in recovery besides the true medical components, such as nutritional, fitness, spiritual, etc. Dr. Jantz continues to make a name for himself in holistic treatment and is constantly searching for more effective and progressive forms of treatment for those suffering from eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Jantz has also authored more than 37 books and has been named a bestselling author. Dr. Jantz has also appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox. In addition to his book writing, he has contributed to the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and Thrive Global on a regular basis. He has also appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, and CBS as well as given many interviews for the New York Post, Associated Press, Family Circle, and Woman’s Day.

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